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Remove the irrelevant and duplicate items of Outlook mailbox in a jiffy

Practicing the removal of duplicate data items of MS Outlook from time to time helps a user to slow down the growing size of his PST mailbox. In MS Outlook, a user has to spend hours for searching the duplicate emails and then to delete them. Great attention has to be paid while deleting the email in order to avoid incorrect deletion. Deleting the duplicate emails from MS Outlook mailbox from time-to-time helps to avoid corruption due to exceeded file size.

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To get rid of the duplicate data items in MS Outlook 2010 you can go through the following steps:
  • Select the folder having duplicate items which is to be deleted
  • Make selection of the tab in Ribbon and click on Change View then select table type in order to change the folder view
  • Select all fields with Field Chooser list
  • Drag the modified field to table heading
  • Modify the heading so as to sort items within the field, only in case the duplicate items have unique data
  • Select first and last item set by holding the down shift key
  • Remove the selected items permanently by clicking on the delete button

Undoubtedly, the above steps for removing the duplicate items include much time and efforts. Therefore, to speed the process of Outlook duplicates removal, a commercial tool can be used.

Outlook Duplicate Remover is an apt utility to search and manage the duplicate items of MS Outlook. It is necessary to timely clean the irrelevant and duplicate emails from the mailbox as functional errors might crop up due to the increasing size of the mailbox. Using the software utility, you can find the duplicate item easily and thereafter mark it as expired, move it to a sub folder, delete it permanently, copy to a folder, flag them and also move them to 'Deleted items' folder.

Features for Outlook Duplicates:
  • Removes duplicate MS Outlook data items easily
  • Efficiently manages the duplicate data items and reduces the size of PST file
  • Facilitates the user to perform operations like move, flag, remove or copy the duplicate items into a sub folder
  • Enables the user to select multiple mailbox folders simultaneously in order to detect the duplicates
  • Allows the user to save the results of searching for the duplicate items in HTML file format
  • Search the duplicate emails on the basis of properties like subject, date and time, text, sender email, sender name, internet header, receiver name, attachment files, etc. for comparing the duplicate emails
  • Available with free to download trial version
Supported Versions:
  • MS Outlook: MS Outlook Office 365/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98/97
  • Windows OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000
Evaluation worth of the software:

Try the free evaluation version of  Outlook Duplicates Remover to experience the exact functioning of the software. It enables you to remove 10 duplicate items from each folder and is valid for a period of 30 days .Thereafter, if you want to continue using it then purchase the full licensed version of the software..

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